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Exterminator & Pest Control in Mineral Wells, TX and Surrounding Areas.

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A Pest Control Company You Can Trust!

Always Know Who Is Coming To Your Home.

Being family-owned and operated, you can guarantee the same level of pest control service every time. Our customers love us because they can trust us. Unlike the corporate companies where you never know who is coming to your house, at Dale's, you are going to get a family team that is dedicated to offering a reliable solution to your pest problems for years to come.


The Team


Termites & Common Insects

Monthly / Bi-Monthly / Quarterly Prevention

No Contracts - Pay As You Go Service


Dale has been providing us with amazing service for the last 10 years. He's the give you his shirt off of his back kind of guy. I wouldn't trust my pest control needs to any other company.

- Jim, Aledo, Texas

I've been using this company for longer than I can remember. Whether it is Dale or his son Jeremy that show up I know I am in good hands. They've always taken care of my needs.

- Linda, Millsap, Texas

You can't say enough great things about Dale and his family. Kelly is wonderful, anytime I call I feel like I my concerns are heard. When Dale or Jeremy arrive at my home I know the job will get done.

- Shelly, Weatherford, Texas

We are the Mineral Wells termite specialists, don't just fight back; terminate your termite problem!

Mineral Wells Pest Extermination Services


When you need help getting rid of spiders, termites, and pesky insects from your Mineral Wells, Texas area home, call Dale's Pest Control. We are the area's top pest control business, and we're here to help.


Keep Insect Infestations Out of Your House


Termites, ants, and other vermin can rapidly overrun your home if you ignore them. In extreme situations, termites may consume through the structural wood of your house, causing hundreds or thousands of dollars in damages.


In Mineral Wells, Texas, termite infestations and other insect infestations cause serious issues. Every colony of termites devours roughly half a pound of wood every day. If your home has multiple infestations, the potential for severe structural damage to your home arises.


Signs Of A Destructive Infestation


Termites are winged insects, so if you find flying insects in your house, you should always double-check to ensure these bugs aren't destructive termites.

If you think termites or another vermin have infested your home, look for the following signs:


Small deposits of dirt and mud - Termites use a combination of these materials when building their colonies.


Soot-like dust on furniture or plants - When termites consume the wood in your house, they leave behind remains of these materials as they move through the walls and furnishings.


Bubbling wood - Structural wood and furniture infested with termites have tunnels bored through them. This damage can result in bubbling or expanding in size.


In addition to termites, other potential threats include carpenter ants and spiders. Carpenter ants, for example, may leave the same signs of termite damage in certain situations. If you're unsure what type of insect infestation you have, get help from a professional like Dale's Pest Control.


Why Should You Choose Dale's Pest Control For Your Mineral Wells Area Home?


The most reliable way to avoid an infestation is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Dale's Pest Control can help you with that. We provide reliable pest prevention services to Mineral Wells, TX homeowners, including:


Pest inspections - We'll visit your house with you to look for signs of insect infestation and help you address any issues we identify.


Pest control treatments - We may also help you prevent pests from taking up residence on your property in the first place by eradicating them once they've gotten there. Our experienced technicians use only eco-friendly products to ensure that all family members, including your pets, stay healthy and safe.


Dale's Pest Control can provide you with a custom-tailored program to keep your home termite and pest-free. In addition, our professional extermination and prevention technicians know how to deal with many common insect pests.


24/7 emergency services are available, so don't hesitate to call us if you have an immediate need for help.

Mineral Wells Pest Control
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