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Should You Clean Your House Before or After Pest Control?

Hey there, Texans! We know that pest problems can make you feel uneasy. Whether ants march in formation through your kitchen or spiders treat your home like a vacation resort, it's enough to ruin anyone's day. And since life is too short to let pests get you down, you might wonder, "Should I clean my house before or after pest control?" Let's discuss.

To Clean Or Not To Clean Before

If you're expecting a visit from anyone - especially pest control experts - it's tempting to want to clean and spruce things up ahead of their arrival. But take note!

Before Pest Control:

Leave The Clutter: Believe it or not, some cleaning can make it harder for pest control specialists to do their job. Bugs like to hide. You might disrupt their hiding place if you clean up cluttered areas where they take cover. In turn, they disperse elsewhere, making it harder to target the infestation.

Food Storage: Seal all your pantry goodies in airtight containers. It will protect your foodstuff from pests and any remnants of the bug treatment.

After The Bug Busters Leave

Once the pest control pros have done their magic, you can channel your inner cleaning guru.

Give It Time: Give the treatment time to work. Your technician will tell you when it's safe to clean.

Wipe Down Surfaces: Once you are OK to clean, wipe down surfaces, including food prep areas, counters, and appliances.

Vacuum: Once given the green light to clean post-treatment, vacuuming is your next move. It removes remaining pests and any residue from the treatment.

General FAQ About Deterring Pest Infestation

Q: What can I do to stop bugs from entering my home?

A: Tiny gaps in doors and windows are like VIP entrances for bugs. Seal them with caulk or weather stripping to keep unwanted guests out.

Q: How can I make my home less inviting to pests that like moisture?

A: Many pests, like cockroaches and ants, are attracted to damp areas. To deter them, fix plumbing leaks and keep your kitchen, bathroom, entries, and mudrooms dry.

Q: Does keeping a clean home prevent pests?

A: A clean home is a step in the right direction for keeping pests at bay. Cleanliness reduces food sources and hiding spots for pests, making your home less inviting. While a clean home helps, it's not a 100% guarantee.

Be Gone Of Bugs!

So, the bottom line is to leave the deep cleaning after the pest control visit. Keep your home dry, seal up any openings, and stay vigilant with regular cleaning. And if you could use a hand with a pest treatment, get a quote from our professionals.


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